Event 4 b: Henry Hemming: 10.30 Sunday 2nd July. Maxwell Knight, MI5’s Greatest Spymaster


Would you make a good spy? To find out, come to Henry Hemming’s gripping talk about two remarkable female spies and the man who ran them – Maxwell Knight, an animal-loving drop-out who went on to become MI5’s greatest spymaster. This is the dramatic true story of a maverick MI5 officer who recruited two women in the 1930s to penetrate the British Communist movement; women whose skillful, deft work led to the exposure of a Soviet spy-ring, a famous court case and one of them being hailed as ‘Britain’s counter-espionage heroine’. You may experience what it was like to work for M through several interactive games during the talk – designed to find out how observant everyone in the audience really is and how many can, as they say in the Navy, ‘lie like a hairy egg’.

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