Anthony O’Hear and Natasha O’Hear___Picturing the apocalypse

Saturday 16th June

1.00 – 2.00 pm

The Old Gaol

Tickets £10

The book of Revelation has been a source of continual fascination for nearly two thousand years. One can hardly open a newspaper or click on a news web site without reading about impending financial or climate change Armageddon, while the concept of the Four Horsemen pervades popular music, gaming, and satire. Yet few people know much about either the basic meaning or original context of these concepts.   This book fills these gaps in a striking and original way.

The judges…admired its tight, elegant and eloquent structure, its liveliness and accessibility, its timeliness and its originality and analysis of imagery and idea. (ACE/Mercers Book Award press release)

Well-organised, cogently argued, expertly composed, erudite yet approachable, and masterfully researched, Picturing the Apocalypse is a worthwhile tour among all things apocalyptic. (Eric Hoffman, Fortean Times)

Sumptuously illustrated… The material is organised thematically around the central images of Revelation with exemplary clarity, and, as an added bonus, the authors cast insightful peripheral glances towards music, film and literature. (David Cornick, Reform Magazine)

A work of immense erudition, of consummate research and a demonstration of sublime analytical skills. (Joe Forshaw, On: Yorkshire Magazine)