1. The Festival Tent

2. The Radcliffe Centre

3. The Old Gaol

4. The Library

5. The Villiers Hotel Restaurant

6. The Cote at The Woolpack, Well St.

7. The Old Mill House

8. University Bookshop

9.  The Tanlaw Mill

10. Parking – Island Car Park

11. Parking – Cornwalls Meadow

Booking information

Tickets can be purchased up to – and during – the Festival, subject to availability, from:


In person and by phone:

The University Bookshop, Hunter Street, MK18 1EG, 01280 820365

The Old Gaol, Market Square, MK18 1JL, 01280 823020

About Buckingham


The Festival takes place in the charming small market town of Buckingham – a hidden gem with cool restaurants and shops in ‘The Hidden Quarter’, a vibrant Market Square and home to the UK’s first independent University. Do allow time in your visit to explore Buckingham, have a meal, wander its pretty streets and peruse the enticing shops or simply relax by the river Ouse with a good book. The Festival venues are all within a 15 minute walk except for the Old Mill House, which is 2 miles outside Buckingham off the A422.  See map inset.