31 Flora Rees – Fiction masterclass – 12.15pm Sunday 18 June – Vinson Building


Flora Rees

Fiction Masterclass: How to Self Edit and Prepare Your Pitch

12.15pm -2.15pm Sunday 18 June

Vinson Building

Tickets £20

The first draft of your novel is done, and it’s time to get editing. But where do you start? This workshop will guide you through the crucial stages of editing
and polishing your manuscript; the essential elements of storytelling; how to identify what’s working – and what needs more work. Plus how to create a powerful pitch and query letter, as you prepare to submit your novel to literary agents. Please bring your synopsis and the opening chapter of your novel. The workshop will include group discussions of attendees’ work.

Flora Rees is a book editor with more than 20 years’ experience in publishing, editing bestselling authors including Victoria Hislop and Alison Weir. She is now a freelance editor and consultant, specialising in structural editing and manuscript assessment.

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