Event 2 e: Watling Street Travels: 5.00 pm Friday 30th June.


Watling Street: Travels Through Britain and It’s Ever-Present Past

Watling Street is one of Britain’s oldest and most enchanting roads, connecting the White Cliffs of Dover to the Druid groves of the Welsh island of Anglesey. Along this route Boudicca met her end, the Battle of Bosworth changed royal history, Bletchley Park code breakers cracked Nazi transmissions and Capability Brown remodelled the English landscape. The myriad people who use this road (known variously as the A5, A2 or M6 Toll) every day might think it unremarkable, but, as John Higgs shows, it hides its secrets in plain sight.

With an unerring eye for the curious and surprising, John will take us on a journey not just on a route across our island, but on an acutely observed, unexpected exploration of Britain and who we are today.

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