13 3 John Lewis-Stempel – La Vie – 5.00pm Friday 16 June – Vinson Building


John Lewis-Stempel

5-6pm Friday 16 June

Vinson Building

Tickets £10

‘An utterly beguiling immersion in La France Profonde’- Felicity Cloake

For many years a farmer in England, John Lewis-Stempel yearned once again to live in a landscape where turtle doves purr and nightingales sing, as they did almost everywhere in his childhood. He wanted to be self-sufficient, to make his own wine and learn the secrets of truffle farming. And so the Lewis-Stempels began their new life as peasant farmers in the Charente. What started as a practical enterprise, quickly became an affair of the heart. [86 words]

‘Britain’s finest living nature writer’ – The Times, John Lewis-Stempel’s books include the bestsellers Woodston, The Running Hare and The Wood. He is the only person to have won the Wainwright Prize for Nature Writing twice, with Meadowland and Where Poppies Blow.


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