19 David Meara – John Betjeman’s Passion for Places – 11.00-12.00pm, Sunday 26 June, The Vinson


Sir John Betjeman may be best known for his poetry, but his love of churches and architecture is woven throughout his work. ‘When you look at things, instead of just looking through them,’ he said, ‘life starts absolutely crackling with interest and excitement.’

David Meara, former Rector of Buckingham, who then served as Rector of St. Bride’s Fleet Street and Archdeacon of London, believes Betjeman’s particular way of looking at churches is in danger of being lost in the face of a more academically driven, forensic art-historical approach. To celebrate afresh Betjeman’s response to the built environment, and his evocation of the English parish church, David presents Betjeman’s approach to the buildings, notably churches, of which he was especially fond, and brings to life his particular vision of England.

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