Edward Stourton – Auntie’s War


Edward Stourton

Aunties War: The BBC during the Second World War

6.30 – 7.30 pm Fri 15th June

Radcliffe Centre

Tickets £10

In Auntie’s War, broadcaster and Radio 4 stalwart Edward Stourton has written a sharp-eyed, wry and affectionate account of the BBC’s wartime journey. In the pre-television era, BBC radio played a crucial role during World War Festival TentTwo as, for the first time, news of the fighting reached every living room.  These were the years when ‘Auntie’ earned her reputation for bossiness as well as a reliable purveyor of truth.  An era of truly remarkable voices: Churchill’s fighting speeches, de Gaulle’s broadcasts from exile, J. B. Priestley, George Orwell, Richard Dimbleby and Vera Lynn all entered the life of the nation but radio also offered an incomparable tool for propaganda and a conduit for coded messages, both political and personal.

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