The Archers – Behind the Scenes


The Archers – Behind the Scenes

Tim Bentinck and Keri Davies in conversation with Jane Wenham-Jones

12.00- 1.00 pm Sun 17th June

Radcliffe Centre

Tickets £10

Timothy Bentinck has played the part of David Archer in BBC Radio 4's The Archers since 1982. Amongst other things, he is also a winner of Celebrity Mastermind and the voice of 'Mind The Gap' on the Piccadilly Line.  Timothy will take our guests behind the scenes of the longest running drama series in the world, a British institution with a theme tune that Billy Connolly wants to be the National Anthem.  Keri Davies is a scriptwriter on The Archers and has been on the production team for 25 years.  They will both be in conversation with Archers fan, Jane Wenham-Jones

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