Simon Heffer The Great War: Some Overlooked Aspects 11th Dec

11th December 

6.30pm – 7.30 pm

Simon Heffer

Radcliffe Centre

Free event – booking essential

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Simon Heffer

When we think of the Great War we think principally of the slaughter and suffering in the trenches and on other battlefields. Yet the war revolutionised British politics, British culture and British life. Simon Heffer describes just how it did in this fascinating discussion.

In his latest book The Age of Decadence, Simon Heffer has produced another impressive volume that sits very comfortably with his books on Enoch Powell and Vaughan Williams. His book, High Minds, published in 2015, was a superb overview of the great and the good, and the not so good of Victorian society.  His new book, a social, cultural and political history of Britain over thirty four years, begins where High Minds finished, with Gladstone starting his second administration in April 1880; it ends in July 1914 with Britain on the brink of war.


Simon Heffer is an extensively published author, political commentator and an acclaimed journalist, well known for his contributions to the Daily Mail.